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Integrated Industrial Park


Plug & Play Industrial park will cater entrepreneurs and SMEs those looking to expand or start an MSME business with a big array of built-to-suit RCC structures, PEB Sheds and Commercial Units and Showrooms thereby supporting the make in India initiative vision of the government of India.

The learnings of Supply chain disruptions in 2021 will be remembered forever, as will accounts of businesses winding down, economies struggling, the emergence of new business segments, product innovation and the resilience of startups. The world’s largest and strongest economies continue to struggle even as countries contend with new strains of the virus. Industrialization in this context is much more than an engine of economic growth; it is also a catalyst for technological, financial and socio-economic transformation to combat challenges like Covid.  Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in both advanced and developing economies; and planned industrial parks and integrated cities have emerged as hubs of innovation and process transformation this year.  Indeed, the resilience of a country’s industry and its ability to adjust to shocks depends on the diversity, dynamism and collaborative capabilities of such ecosystems. 

2021 has reinforced the role of planned industrial eco-systems in ensuring essential business operations and continued global supply chain activity.  Designed to be agile, flexible, secure and resilient, industrial cities and parks across India tackled the Covid challenge by leveraging operational knowledge and existing collaboration networks with multiple stakeholder communities (government, customers, national agencies, state industrial bodies, employees, vendors, contractors and local communities). These industrial parks and integrated cities have continued to churn products and services right through India’s lockdown, even as employees and residents were able to derive the benefits of a self-sufficient, independent operating ecosystem.   Traditionally, companies have been divided between integrated cities, government parks and greenfield land when choosing business destinations.  Each option entails unique strengths, opportunities and attributes.  However, Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of the integrated nature of industrial ecosystems for businesses looking to expand into new geographies.  Almost all companies now favour integrated industrial spaces encompassing social infrastructure for hassle-free movement of goods and people, quality of life and assured business continuity. There are three types of trends that appear to be emerging in the investment scene in India: 1) All governments (central and state) are increasingly pro-active in seeking investments; flexible and more accommodative in modifying rules; and are working closely with industry to implement reforms that enable EODB. 2) Companies are willing to experiment with types and scale of business spaces for flexibility and faster speed-to-market. 3) Growing demand for Built-to-Suit formats of Industrial Units along with warehousing & logistics solutions  In 2022, many 2021 supply chain disruptions will transition into ‘norms’. The ‘China + 1’ strategy of global companies will certainly drive demand for high quality industrial space in India. Having experienced world-class supply chains & industrial eco-systems, global companies will expect similar infrastructure standards in India.  India is poised to gain from these shifts in global supply chains, with disproportionate gains for planned industrial parks and integrated cities that are already well-established with global and domestic clientele. We can also expect FDI investments in the development of integrated industrial parks through global companies entering India.   Warehousing, 3PL (third-party logistics) and the BTS (Built-To-Suit) business will continue to grow due to ecommerce penetration and FDI in new-age sectors. Domestic manufacturing companies are likely to realign their facilities with smaller but more numerous production centres.


Governments are also likely to encourage future state industrial parks as integrated cities, given the industry demand. Coastal Free Zones near prominent ports of India and industrial parks with special incentives on seaports are some developments which are around the corner. We will also see the worker housing segment and common worker kitchens coming up in parks as part of bundled industrial infrastructure solutions and services. Last but certainly not the least, green and sustainable development will certainly be the ‘new world order’, given rising global awareness of environmental issues and the proliferation of green manufacturing that is already underway. India is taking wings to fly higher in a global investment environment and integrated industrial parks will be the fuel to achieve even greater heights of success.   SECLINK along with its reputed operator is a International industrial park development company with proven record of accomplishment in developing ready to use industrial infrastructure for MSME sector along with Logistic and Warehousing. Our Integrated Industrial parks are designed to host business from wide ranging domains and provide RCC buildings, multi-purpose and spacious pre-engineering industrial sheds, retail spaces, commercial enclaves and showrooms to provide one place solution for MSMEs and large companies engaged in licensed manufacturing. Our operators have multiple Industrial Parks, operational in India with around 65 lakhs Sq. Ft. built up space under management. There are 1149 MSME units under operations with a direct employment of 18,461 people. Combined annual turnover of the existing units is around Rs. 5000 ++ Crores. Most of the units are in printing, textiles, plastics & food processing sectors. The units include more than 250 international MSMEs. With this background, SECLINK Group is proposing to develop 100 plus Integrated Industrial Park across India at strategic locations in Tier A, B & C cites with easy access to Public Transport. We will be using our proven expertise and network for developing the park for MSMEs and attract investments and generate employments in each state. Our fully developed infrastructure facilities, amenities and support services will ensure the units can be functional from day one. The proposed projects will be totally for GREEN CATEGORY units and residential accommodation close by for the workers & executives will be the USP for attracting the units.