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IT & Mass Education

IT Education means any information technology education or training product which target individual users, corporations, organizations, and educational institutions including, but not limited to, colleges, universities and vocational high schools in

(1) Software engineering, development and applications including but not limited to, software application, software development, software testing, software project management, software systems integration, software system maintenance which shall include ACCP;

(2) Network engineering, design and applications including but not limited to network design, network security, building network environments, network system integration, network system configuration and maintenance, network technology applications, network service maintenance and construction of websites; and

(3) Hardware which shall include but not be limited to computer and electronic equipment manufacturing, hardware maintenance, hardware assembly, hardware debugging and testing.


Elin Nordegren

“Education is one thing no one can take away from you.”


Digital Mass Education through Sneh Sanskar Gurukul

Rooted in ancient Vedic wisdom the SSG is focused towards the holistic development of a child. A mix of Vedic tradition, modern teaching techniques and spiritual discipline foster creativity, inner awakening and academic excellence. It will cater to children of all age from pre-school till higher secondary.